Vladimir Igorevich Arnold    
(June 12, 1937 — June 3, 2010)

Russian text

Yesterday morning Vladimir Igorevich left us...

Unthinkable... No one could imagine him sick, the more so infirm. This past Monday he was still full of projects. Even on Wednesday, when he was being taken to hospital for an unexpected serious surgery, nothing foreshadowed such an outcome. And already the next morning he was gone.

No evaluation, no estimate is possible now. Perhaps we are not the ones who should do this.

The ceremony in Paris took place on Tuesday, June 8. The coffin reached Moscow June 10.
The ceremony in Moscow will start at 13:00 on Tuesday, June 15 in the RAN main building (Leninsky prospekt, 32).
The details will be posted here on June 12.

Contributions to the electronic memorial book can be sent to the following address arnold@mccme.ru.

For those more comfortable with regular mail, please use this address. Your letters will be forwarded to the family.

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