Independent University of Moscow

Mission Statement

The Independent University of Moscow is a unique, non-profit academic institution created to prepare students for a career in research. Our goal is to help our students to become internationally recognized researchers trained in accordance with the traditions of the Moscow school of mathematics. Most of our professors are leading experts in different areas of mathematics, logic, applied math., and mathematical physics. Working closely with their professors, students are exposed to a variety of ideas that constitute the frontiers of research and development of mathematics.

Our professors have designed and developed their own methods of teaching mathematics. We value independent thinking, open discussions, student initiative and hard work committed to the exploration of the universe of mathematics. We run a number of seminars and conferences to facilitate the exchange of ideas. By participating in these events, students learn how to present their own research, how to participate in discussions and use all available information in further research.

We welcome everyone who has a passion for mathematics, is commited to a hard work and open to new ideas.


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