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The Summer School

"Contemporary Mathematics" EMBLEMA

Russia, Dubna, 19-30 july 2007

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Participants opinions

Ronald Paulin

I was amased by the number of talented young Russian mathematicians when I arrived in Dubna. It was a pleasure to learn from some of the best Russian mathematicians. I feel Russian mathematics became much closer to me.

Roland Paulin

Michail Eikenberg

Thank you very much for letting us participate in this amazing event. It was been a unique experience to find so many like-minds people in one spot and an honour to be in same place as so many eminent mathematicians. The atmosphere was friendly, welcoming and accepting. I felt at home. All the extra-events, such as sport music and boat trip made this incredeble 10 days.
Thank you again!

Michail Eikenberg

Knut Rand

Very interesting subject and well-adjucted for international participants. And good free-time activiting.

Knut Rand

Eemeli Blasten

I liked the way mathematical ideas were represented instead of technical details.

Eemeli Blasten

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