The Summer School

"Contemporary Mathematics" EMBLEMA

Russia, Dubna, 19-30 july 2007

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Scientific program

Lectures in English

Lecturer Title
Yurii M. Burman Cross-sections of the four-dimensional cube
George B. Shabat Prime divisors of elements of come sequences
Ivan V. Arzhantsev Closed and non-decomposable polynomials
Sabir M. Gusein - Zade The problem of a picky bride
Vladimir Dotsenko Enumeration of trees and residue invariance
Victor Kleptsyn Sums of two squares
Alexander Bufetov Fourier Transform
Arkadi B. Skopenkov A simple definition of the Ricci curvature
Sergei Anisov Paradoxes of voting and Arrow theorem
Alexey Sossinski 2-dimensional surfaces and configuration spaces of linkages
Gaiane Panina On combinatorics of polytopes

Lectures in Russian (with translation)

Lecturer Title
Vladimir Uspensky Four ways to the Godel Incompletness Theorem
Vladimir Arnol'd On the number of domains for arrangements of lines in the plane
Dmitry Anosov Sharkovsky ordering
Nikolai Dolbilin Minkovsky theorem on convex polytopes and its applications
Sergei Novikov A new discrete model for complex analysis
Ivan Panin Pythagorean triples
Alexander Kirillov Geometry, analysis and arithmetic of fractals
Michel Balazard Arithmetic progressions of prime numbers
Vladimir Tikhomirov A brief course in mathematics
Sergei Anisov Auctions
Ivan Yaschenko Mathematics and cryptography
Alexander Razborov Inverse problems of arithmetic combinatorics
Vladimir Arnol'd Quadratic irrational numbers, their continued fractions and palindromes
Yuri M. Burman Critical values of polynomials
Sabir M. Gusein-Zade Is it possible to get lost in a forest?
Sergei Duzhin Iterations of rational maps
Alexander R. Zilberman Physical modelling, feedback connection and its practical applications.

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