International Workshop

Tropical and Idempotent Mathematics

Russian-French Laboratory "J.V. Poncelet"

Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education

Independent University of Moscow

A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems of RAS

V.A. Trapeznikov Institute for Control Problems of RAS

Moscow, August 26-31, 2012




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The exact address of the Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education and the French-Russian Laboratory "J.-V. Poncelet" is Bol'shoy Vlas'yevsky pereulok, dom 11. "Pereulok" means little street (or lane), and "dom" means house. It is a small and elegant yellow building, click here to see the photo.

Essentially, the building of MCCME is located near Arbat street (i.e., ulitsa Arbat ), which is one of the most famous and fashionable streets in Moscow. In Arbat street you can find many places to eat and to buy presents for your relatives and friends. Another good reference is Sivtsev Vrazhek, which is a long and narrow street. Roughly speaking, it is parallel to Arbat. Click here to see the building.

Moscow underground, or metro, is arguably the most reliable and easy public transport in the city. There are two metro stations closest to the Independent University, namely metro Kropotkinskaya and metro Smolenskaya, see them again on this map and now on this map, also showing connections to the airports and hotel NICEVT.

Metro Smolenskaya is closer. However, there are two metro Smolenskaya stations, located on different metro lines. The convenient one is on the "light-blue" line, see it again . There will be no great trouble if you go out from the "less convenient" metro Smolenskaya on the "dark-blue" line. In this case you go out and see a very large and busy street (Smolenskaya street) before you. Then you have to cross it underneath! (It is DANGEROUS to do it otherwise.) Use an underneath passage near the station and find the Arbat street. If you do not see the underneath passage immediately, though you SHOULD see it, then ask an old woman for podzemny perekhod. When you find Arbat, use the map .

Concerning metro Kropotkinskaya, there is one metro station but two possibilities to go out. To choose the convenient one, you should get into the tail of your metro train if it is going to the north (which must be a typical situation for you if you live in the south). The "wrong" way out is if you immediately see the great and impressive Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Then please go back and use the opposite way out, the one described above. After you use this exit, you will see a great path between two rows of trees. Go along this path. Turn left when you see a boat (typically used to go by river), cross a little street, and immediately find the Sivtsev Vrazhek. Use the map .

We provide the photo of the University building and two maps:
Independent University


This is an explanation how to connect between Moscow City and Moscow airports. You will probably arrive at one of the two airports: SVO (Sheremetyevo) or DME (Domodedovo). SVO is in the north and DME is in the south. In both cases, unless you go by taxi, use express trains to connect between Moscow City and the airports. (AEROEXPRESS)

In Russian, "express train"="exprEss", "ticket" = "bilEt" pronounced with "l" and "t", "airport"="aeropOrt" pronounced with "t".

To go to SVO, first connect to underground station m. Belorusskaya (prefer the Green line), find it in the North-West, intersection of Green and Circle lines, on this map . There is a special exit to AEROEXPRESS, directly connecting you to SVO. If you are connecting from SVO to Moscow City, then after you find AEROEXPRESS in the airport, it should not make any problem: when going out to Belorusskiy Vokzal ("Belorussian" Central Railway Station), just follow the people.

To go to DME, first connect to underground station m. Paveletskaya (preferably Green line), find it in the South-East, intersection of Green and Circle lines, on this map . Go out to Paveletskiy Vokzal (Paveletskiy Central Railway Station) and find an entrance to AEROEXPRESS directly connecting you to DME. Namely, after you go out turn right, and if your exit is correct then the first entrance to the right should be the one of AEROEXPRESS. If you are connecting from DME to Moscow City, then after you find AEROEXPRESS in the airport, you arrive at Paveletskiy Vokzal and then just follow the people.

If you have a problem finding AEROEXPRESS, then ask someone to show to you "aeroexpress" or "express v aeroport" (express train to airport).

There are also buses, but then 1) better if you speak/understand basic Russian confidently, 2) buses may get into very long and unpleasant traffic jams - with no promise of air conditioning.

Going by taxi may be the only possibility if you arrive late. Mind that between 1:00 am and 5:30 am the underground is closed! However, Russians have a saying that "Our people do not go by taxi" - whatever it means. During the daytime, mind the traffic jams mentioned above.

This is our experience. You may have your own opinion if you consult

Domodedovo web-site

Sheremetyevo web-site

or other relevant websites. We wish you good luck with your trips and bonnes voyages.


If you are accomodated in Gostinitsa NICEVT/ hotel NICEVT whose address is Generala Antonova 5/1, then have a look at a Google map showing Generala Antonova 5k1 and the nearest underground station m. Belyaevo. Click here.

To connect to Tropical-12 you walk by foot to m. Belyaevo and then you go by underground from m. Belyaevo, find it on the orange line in the South-West to m. Smolenskaya (any of two stations on the blue lines) or m. Kropotkinskaya on the red line. Click here

Then you reach the venue of Tropical12 (a small yellow house) using another map (see "How to reach us?").

For the first time, it may take you 1 hour (or more) to reach Tropical12 from the hotel. When you understand how everything works, you may be able to do it quicker. We wish you pleasant and successful stay in Moscow.