International Workshop

Tropical and Idempotent Mathematics

Russian-French Laboratory "J.V. Poncelet"

Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education

Independent University of Moscow

A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems of RAS

V.A. Trapeznikov Institute for Control Problems of RAS

Moscow, August 26-31, 2012




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Marianne Akian (Paris, France) Fixed points of discrete convex monotone dynamical systemsAugust 28 Tuesday, 9:30
Evgeny M. Beniaminov (Moscow, Russia) The Galileo Invariance of Diffusion Scattering of Waves in the Phase Space August 31 Friday, 10:30
Alexander D. Bruno Asymptotic solving nonlinear equations August 31 Friday, 12:50
Andrei V. Churkin (joint with D.S. Aksenov and D.V. Evstigneev, Moscow, Russia, in Russian ) A family of de-parallelized algorithms for image recognition optimized for implementation on multicore central processors August 31 Friday, 9:30
Alexei P. Davydov (St.-Petersburg, Russia, in Russian) Estimating the computational complexity of Grigoriev's algorithm for solving tropical systems August 31 Friday, 11:50
Alexander I. Esterov(Moscow, Russia):Discriminant of system of equations August 27 Monday, 16:00
Oleg V. Gulinsky (Moscow, Russia and Israel) Time slicing approximation and Stationary phase method for Path integral with Brownian-bridge-type action August 30 Thursday, 12:40
Dimitri Gurevich (Valenciennes, France) New type of Noncommutative Geometry arising from a quantization August 30 Thursday, 11:40
Alexander E. Guterman and Yaroslav N. Shitov: Bounds for tropical, determinantal and Gondran--Minoux ranks August 27 Monday, 13:10
Alexander V. Karzanov, with Vladimir I. Danilov and Gleb A. Koshevoy Moscow, Russia) Planar Flows and Quadratic Relations over Semirings August 28 Tuesday, 13:25
Boris Kh. Kirshtein (Moscow, Russia) Singularities for tropical limit/dequantization August 28 Tuesday, 12:50
Vassili N. Kolokoltsov(Warwick, UK): On Maslov's quantization of thermodynamicsAugust 27 Monday, 11:00
Gleb A. Koshevoy with Vladimir I. Danilov and Alexander V. Karzanov (Moscow, Russia) Tropical Plucker Functions and Kashiwara Crystals of Types A, B, and C August 28 Tuesday, 17:00
Theodor E. Krenkel (Moscow, Russia) On the geometry of quantum codes. IntroductionAugust 29 Wednesday, 13:25
Nikolai K. Krivulin(St. Petersburg, Russia): Solution to an Extremal Problem in Tropical Mathematics August 27 Monday, 17:00
Grigory L. Litvinov:Dequantization of mathematical structures and tropical/idempotent mathematics. An introductory lecture (in Russian with all the slides in English)August 27 Monday, 10:00
Paola Loreti and Antonio Avantaggiati (Rome, Italy) Gagliardo type Inequality: an idempotent point of view August 28 Tuesday, 11:50
Gennadi I. Malaschonok (Tambov, Russia) Tropical computations in MathparAugust 30 Thursday, 18:10
Vladimir D. Matveenko (St. Petersburg, Russia) Powers of matrices with an idempotent operation and an application to analysis of dynamics of spatial agglomerations August 29 Wednesday, 18:10
William McEneaney (San Diego, USA) Games of Network Disruption and Idempotent Algorithm ComplexityAugust 28 Tuesday, 16:00
Glenn Merlet et al. (Marseille, France) The asymptotic rank of semi-groups of tropical matricesAugust 28 Tuesday, 10:30
Vladimir F. Molchanov (Tambov, Russia) The Berezin quantization as a part of the representation theoryAugust 30 Thursday, 16:50
Dmitry A. Nikolayev(Lipetsk, Russia): Modelling and control of multiagent systems by idempotent algebra methods. August 27 Monday, 12:10
Viorel Nitica (West Chester, USA), with Ricardo D. Katz (Rosario, Argentina), and S. Sergeev The structure of max-plus hemispacesAugust 30 Thursday, 16:00
Thomas Nowak and Bernadette Charron-Bost (Paris, France) General Transience Bounds in Tropical Linear Algebra via Nachtigall Decomposition August 29 Wednesday, 12:50
Michael Pevzner (Reims, France) Spectral approach to composition formulasAugust 30 Thursday, 9:30
Vladimir V. Podolskii (Moscow, Russia) and Dima Grigoriev (Lion, France) Complexity of tropical and min-plus linear prevarietiesAugust 29 Wednesday, 17:00
Ovidiu Radulescu with D. Grigoriev, V. Noel, and S. Vakulenko (Montpellier, France) Tropicalization of systems biology modelsAugust 29 Wednesday, 9:30
Louis Rowen (Bar-Ilan, Israel) Layered tropical algebras, applied to tropical algebraic geometry August 29 Wednesday, 9:30
Denis I. Saveliev (Moscow, Russia) On idempotents in compact left topological universal algebras August 31 Friday, 9:30
Sergei Sergeev (Birmingham, UK) and Viorel Nitica (Wect Chester, USA) Semispaces in the max-min convexityAugust 30 Thursday, 13:20
Grigory B. Shpiz and Grigory L. Litvinov (Moscow, Russia) Versions of the Engel theorem for semigroups August 27 Monday, 18:10
Andrei N. Sobolevski and Sergey Nechaev (Moscow, Russia and Orsay, France) A minimum-weight perfect matching process for cost functions of concave type in~1D August 30 Thursday, 10:25
Edouard Wagneur (Montreal, Canada) Injectivity Modules of a Tropical MapAugust 29 Wednesday, 11:50
Cormac Walsh (Paris, France) Studying isometry groups using the horofunction boundary August 28 Tuesday, 18:05
Karel Zimmermann (Prague, Czech Republic) Properties of Systems of (max, +)- and (max,min)-Linear Equations and Inequalities August 29 Wednesday, 16:00