International Workshop

Tropical and Idempotent Mathematics

Russian-French Laboratory "J.V. Poncelet"

Moscow Centre for Continuous Mathematical Education

Independent University of Moscow

A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems of RAS

V.A. Trapeznikov Institute for Control Problems of RAS

Moscow, August 26-31, 2012




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To participate please fill in the following registration form and return it to our contact addresses by the deadline May 1, 2012.


1. Name (as in the passport)
2. All given names
3. Male/female
4. Nationality (e.g., RUSSIA or FRANCE)
5. Birth date
6. Birth place
7. Passport number
8. Date of issue
9. Date of expiry
10. Permanent place of residence
11. Affiliation
12. Position at item 11.
13. Detailed work address
14. Phone and fax numbers of item 13
15. Current e-mail address
16. The exact dates of your stay in Russia
17. List of Russian cities you are going to visit (write "Moscow" unless you are really going elsewhere)
18. The Russian consulate where you are going to apply for visa (indicate the city)
19. Copy of the passport (scanned version of the main page with the photo) The passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months after visa expiration date
20. Your postal address (the original of the invitation will be sent to you by post).
21. Accompanying persons: (the same passport requirement as for you if a visa is needed).
22. Contact phone number (preferably cell phone)

If you need a RUSSIAN VISA, please, indicate this in the registration form and send us the scanned copy of your passport (including the page with photo) before May 1, 2012 by e-mail.