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А.Б.Сосинский, М.А.Цфасман

По четвергам с 18 по 19 часов
в конференцзале



Слайды к лекциям

К лекции 1: Shakespeare sonets.pptx
К лекции 2: Frost.doc
К лекции 3: Tennyson.pptx и Thackeray.pptx
К лекции 4: Byron.pptx
К лекции 5: Dickinson.pptx
К лекции 6: Coleridge.pptx, Keats.pptx и Shelley.pptx
К лекции 7: Limericks.pptx
К лекции 8: Robinson.pptx, Dylan Thomas.pptx и Cummings.pptx
К лекции 9: Scott.pptx и Kipling.pptx
К лекции 10: Brooke.pptx, Housman.pptx, Owen.pptx и Sassoon.pptx
К лекции 11: Auden.pptx, Donne.pptx и Yeats.pptx
К лекции 12: Brodsky.pptx и Nabokov.pptx

Together with the participants, we intend to read the verse of our favorite English language poets, classical and modern, famous and not so famous, provide the poems with Russian translations (poetic or word-for-word), perhaps make a few comments (in Russian or in English) on the poetry and on the authors .

Here are the topics of a few of our gatherings:

The complete program of our meetings has not been established yet, and we are open to suggestions.

Начинается 16 февраля в 18:00 в конф-зале НМУ.

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